About MJ Wicker

Meet MJ Wicker


Having moved from Kentucky to the Sunshine State in nineteen sixty something, MJ Wicker has spent plenty of time spear fishing, surfing, diving, and getting well acquainted with the Florida beaches from Cocoa Beach down to the Keys.

When MJ Wicker wasn’t out on his Proline Sport fishing boat tossing the hook in the water you could find him in the studio recording one of his five full-length albums.

Growing up in a musical family, MJ received his first Harmony 6-string acoustic guitar for Christmas when he was only 6-years old and began writing his own lyrics a short 7-years later.

MJ carried his guitar with him every all through high school and while serving in Camp LeJune as part of the United States Marine Corp. After all the years of self-teaching MJ was able to play a vast repertoire of music ranging from 1950’s love songs to modern day rock, blues, country, and pop and he did so performing in more than a hundred venues, private parties from Nashville, TN all the way down to Key West, Florida.

In 2019 MJ successfully released video for 2 of his newly released singles, Key Largo’ and ‘Down in the Keys’ along with their corresponding music videos which can be viewed on MJ’s YouTube channel. 

These days you can catch MJ playing at Mulligan’s Beach House and Family Restaurant located on the beach in Vero Beach, Florida.